Barnett Clutches and Cables Celebrates 75th Anniversary - Cycle News

Barnett Clutches and Cables celebrates 75 years of manufacturing American made motorcycle clutches and cables this year. The California-based company has also upgraded its website for 2023 and it now includes a handy tool for locating parts for specific bike models.

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Barnett Clutches and Cables Celebrates 75th Anniversary - Cycle News

Barnett Clutches and Cables 75th Anniversary: 1948-2023

Barnett Tool & Engineering is proud to announce that 2023 will be our 75th year of manufacturing the finest American made motorcycle clutches and cables!

Since Charlie and Afton Barnett started out in a small storefront in Huntington Park, Ca in 1948, we have been producing clutches and control cables with direct-fit upgrade applications for just about everything on two wheels. From vintage bikes to the newest machines on the showroom floor—street to off-road and ATVs and SXSs—we have it covered!

All Barnett products are made in-house and in the USA with top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. We also specialize in custom length cables, brake lines and specialized “one-off” cables for a wide variety of applications. We are the industry leader in custom cables made to order!

Charlie and Afton believed that in making performance motorcycle parts, they must be of the finest quality and that customer service and satisfaction must be second to none. Those beliefs run as deep today as they did 75 years ago. Still family owned and operated, Barnett products are still made in America- Built with Passion, Driven by Performance.

The All New

Barnett Clutches and Cables, manufacturers of top-quality American made motorcycle and ATV clutches and cables since 1948, is pleased to announce the launch of an all-new website.

On the site, you will find product information and applications for virtually the entire line of Barnett products. Clutch kits, baskets, pressure plates, covers, cables and more—they’re all there. Whether you need a clutch or cable for a classic vintage machine of the past or for modern machinery—street or off-road—you can find the information and applications you are looking for on the Barnett website. Check it out at

Barnett Clutches and Cables Celebrates 75th Anniversary - Cycle News

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